A classic Time-Speed-Distance road rally


The 2019 Mountains to the Sea Rally (M2C) was an amazing day of road rally that started in Tualatin and ended with a BBQ dinner on the beach in Newport. It was a beautiful drive, showcasing the best of Oregon’sWillamette Valley and Coast Range scenery. The route highlighted a crossing of the Willamette River on the Buena Vista Ferry.

M2C introduced a new, state-of-the-art method of timing and scoring road rallies. Each rally team brought a smartphone or other smart device running the “Competitor - Richta GPS Checkpoints” app. The Richta app monitored the team’s location using GPS and knew when they passed each checkpoint. The app recorded the team’s time of arrival, computed their score, made a ringy-dingy sound, and displayed this information a few moments after they passed each checkpoint.

The app offered advantages for both contestants and organizers. Contestants got nearly immediate feedback throughout the event. For rally organizers, the checkpoints were unmanned; no checkpoint signs, clocks, logs, or worker crews. Also a GPS-timed rally can contain many more checkpoints; 2019 M2C was 180 miles long and had 28 timed legs. Team scores were available for download throughout the event; scores through lunch were on display during the ferry crossing transit. Final results were produced soon after the last car finished. We plan to use the Richta app for timing and scoring future Cascade Sports Car Club road rallies.

Zeroes from the start

The winning team of Charles Aggenbach and Mike Daily started the rally with four straight zeroes.

After last year’s Mountains to the Sea Rally, we asked contestants for feedback. When asked about last year’s two-day format, Karen Levear shared, “I really missed applauding the winner on the beach and watching the ‘trophy dance’ by the light of the fire.” To honor her support of Cascade’s road rally program and her affection for this event specifically, the 2019 Mountains to the Sea Rally was dedicated to Karen. The overall winning team accepted the trophy by performing the Karen Levear Memorial Mountains to the Sea Trophy Dance. We hope this becomes an enduring tradition.

Congratulations to first Unlimited and overall winners Charles Aggenbach and Michael Daily. They started the rally by zeroing the first four legs and had a mere two second penalty after eight scored controls.

Russ and Kate Sherrell finished first SOP. Eric and Katie Olbricht took first Novice. Congratulations to all twenty-three teams who ran this year’s Mountains to the Sea Rally.

Thank you to Bob Morseburg and Cheri Eddy for prechecking the rally. Thank you to Bill and Kelly Ferber for the wonderful BBQ dinner on the beach. Thank you to Paul Eklund for building and tending the beach fire.

Final Results

General Instructions and Rally Rules

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