The Rally Team

"I said, four point three miles!"

"No, you said for point three miles!"


Driver and navigator

Once you've decided to run a road rally, you'll need a partner. Should you rally with your significant other, your best friend, a work mate? Can you quickly build consensus? Can you maintain effective communication?

Who will drive? The driver must be licensed and insured. Can you precisely and safely maintain specified average speeds on a variety of roads?

Who will navigate? Do you get car sick when reading in the car? Can you multi-task, keep track of time, and communicate instructions clearly.

As with any good team, the relationship between driver and navigator improves with effort, respect, and courtesy. Communication is key to team success.


Any street legal vehicle can be your rally car. If you have a choice, select a vehicle appropriate for the type of event. Since mileage is usually provided on route instructions, select a vehicle with a trip meter.

Check the tires. Clean the windows. Make sure you have adequate fuel. You’ll be expected to perform a vehicle inspection and confirm all is in safe working order during check-in.


Your team will need a clipboard, some writing utensils, and a smartphone or tablet running the Competitor Richta Checkpoints app, power cable for your phone, and the route instructions that you printed. More on that coming up.

When you register, you’ll need to select which competition class you are running. It depends on what rally equipment you are using. The Unequipped classes (Novice and SOP) are limited to stock odometer and no calculating equipment. The Equipped classes (GPS and Unlimited) can have external odometers and calculating equipment including rally computers and rally apps. 

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