Time To Rally

Where the rubber meets the road.  Honest.


At the start

The start location for the rally is described in the Rallymaster Notes. On rally day, plan to arrive at the start a few minutes before your out time. Your out time is 10:00 a.m. plus your car number. So, for example, if you are car 5, your out time is 10:05. You may leave the start location before your out time. Leave the start no later than your out time. Use the time display on the Competitor Richta app to time yourself out.

At the start location, zero your trip meter and begin the road rally by executing numbered route instruction NRI 1. Continue executing the NRIs in numerical order. Where official mileage (OM) is provided, execute the NRI at the OM.

Safety first

“Contestants must obey all traffic laws and drive in a safe manner throughout the event.” (RRR 1.6)

Do not speed. Do not tailgate. Do not pass in no passing zones or in other unsafe situations.

If traffic is impeding your ability to follow the course at specified speeds or if you find yourself trying to occupy the same point in space as another vehicle, find a safe place to pull over and take a time allowance.

Road rally is a game of being precisely on time, not a race about who gets there first. Be safe. Have fun.

On the rally route

The route instructions begin with an odometer calibration zone so you can compare your trip meter to official mileage. This can help you know if your mileage is longer or shorter than OM and by how much.

Make sure to zero your trip meter at all NRIs where mileage resets to zero (/0.00). Pay attention to OM and execute route instructions that are accompanied by OM at that mileage.

CZT (Car Zero Time)

An NRI accompanied by a CZT must be executed at the indicated time of day plus your car number. So, for example, if you are car 5, your out time at a CZT of 10:40 a.m. is 10:45. Use the time display on the Competitor Richta app to time yourself out.


CP (checkpoint) is a GPS checkpoint where you are timed at the end of a leg. The CP also begins the next leg. The route instructions usually tell you a CP is coming up - it may be listed between NRIs. You’ll know you’ve passed a control when your app makes a notification sound. Don’t stop, keep going.

After each CP, the app displays the time you passed the control, your score for the leg that ended at that CP, and whether you were early or late.


Each leg is scored independently. If you are late on a leg, you can’t make it up in the next leg. Being exactly on time is a leg score of zero. Each second you are late or early at each CP is worth one penalty point. Maximum leg score is 60. Total of all legs is your total score. Lowest score wins.

Time allowance

Use a time allowance when you lose time due to traffic or an off course excursion, or if you’re late to start a CZT.

Calculate or estimate how much time you lost. Enter a Time Allowance (TA+) in the Richta Competitor app equal to or greater than the amount of time you lost. Wait out any extra time, then continue following the NRIs at CAST.

Submit a time allowance by pressing the TA+ button on the Richta app. The first button press creates a 10-second time allowance. The second press creates a 20-second time allowance. The third press creates a 30-second time allowance. Each additional press adds 1 minute to your time allowance up to a maximum of 19 minutes 30 seconds (19 ½ minutes).

The time allowance amount displayed by the app is applied to your score for the current leg only. As soon as you encounter a CP or a CZT, the time allowance in the app reverts to zero. Since each leg is scored independently, you are automatically on time as you start a new leg.

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