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Rally Navigation

Before you can finish first, first you must finish.
(Make sure they tell you where the finish is before you leave the start.) 


TSD road rallies are run on open public roads. Road surface may be paved or unpaved; you may be expected to recognize the difference.

Staying on the rally course requires a combination of following the route instructions and following the Main Road. To be a successful rallier, you need to know how to follow the route instructions, how to follow the Main Road, and when to do which.

So, what comes first? Here are the rally route following priorities:

1. Execute emergency directions – hardly ever happens and when it does you’ll know

 2. Execute supplemental instruction – checkpoint and route control slips

 3. Execute note route instruction – while active, execute at each action point

 4. Execute numbered route instruction

 5. Follow main road

Route Instructions

You can't get there without them.


Route instructions may be written out plainly in words in sentences, cryptically encoded in abbreviations and defined terms, and/or drawn in diagrams and pictographs. Be familiar with the definitions in the Glossary.

When a sign is quoted in a route instruction, it must be exact as quoted, left to right, top to bottom. A portion of a sign can be quoted, but nothing can be skipped. References to landmarks must be identified by a sign.

Three types of route instructions:

● Numbered (NRI) – Complete in ascending numerical order. Complete each NRI in entirety before trying to execute the next NRI.

● Note – Unnumbered route instruction, active from introduction until canceled. Use each time action point is encountered. Independent of and may overlap NRIs.

● Supplemental – Instructions provided at checkpoints and route controls. Complete in the order presented before resuming the NRIs.

The Main Road

The route is out there. The Main Road is the single road leaving the intersection other than the one upon which the intersection was approached.


In Cascade Geargrinders TSD Road Rally world, a Main Road exists at every intersection. The Main Road is the rally route you would follow if you didn't have any route instructions. In fact, there's more to it.  You can execute a route instruction containing a course directing action (aka deviation) only  when it takes you off the Main Road (usually). There are exceptions to every rule, but this is how it usually works.

The Main Road is the single road leaving the intersection other than the one upon which the intersection was approached. Main Road Determinants (MRDs), as identified in Section 3 of the Road Rally Rules, are:

3.1 ONTO






Apply the MRDs in order, one at a time. If the first one doesn't define a single route leaving the intersection, then move to the next one.

The Whole Course

The route truly is out there and now you should be able to find it.


Now what? I know where the Main Road goes. What do I do at this intersection?

If a note is active, can it be executed here? If so, do it.

Can the current NRI be executed here? If so, do it.

If no instruction can be executed, follow the Main Road.


Two important notes:

● Do not use course directing instructions (aka deviations - L, R, S, TURN, etc.) to stay on the Main Road.

● Execute route instructions that have official mileage at that mileage, even if it follows the Main Road.

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